Your Clearlight Sauna Heaters

Your Clearlight Sauna Heaters

Red infrared sauna

Many people think an infrared sauna produces red light.

A far infrared sauna doesn’t produce any light as Far infrared is outside the limits of the human eye. If you get a full spectrum sauna with additional heaters , producing Far infrared but also near and mid infrared you will see that the near and mid infrared heaters glow red .

The most important part of your Far Infrared Sauna is the heating elements. Here we look at the different types of heaters that are part of your sauna and what they actually do for you.

There are two types of heating , convection (warm air) and radiant. Radiant heat heats objects rather than warming air. Far Infrared heat is radiant heat at a specific frequency that is most effective in warming the human body More info on this can be found on one of our other websites here, The Science of economic electric heating

Traditional light sees the absorption and reflection as colour. With infrared we feel the heat on our skin and throughout our body.

On the above chart you can see that just past the Red visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum is near Infrared, followed by Far Infrared. There is also mid infrared in between Most infrared saunas utilise the properties of Far Infrared, some Near infrared and some both. If they use both they are called “Full Spectrum” saunas.

There are two types of Far Infrared heaters, Ceramic and Carbon. The most effective Far Infrared heaters (including Clearlight) use a combination of the two. These are the black heaters you see all around the walls of the sauna.

Clearlight Far Infrared heaters are “tuned to the right wavelength to penetrate deep into your body tissue, driving up the body’s core temperature which causes a deep detoxifying sweat at a cellular level where most toxins reside. It also aids in blood pressure reduction and weight loss due to passive aerobic exercise. All Clearlight models use this type of heating as standard.

The Sanctuary Full spectrum has additional heaters at the front as standard which glow red and produce mid/near infrared. The Clearlight Full Spectrum produces roughly a third, Far Infrared, a third Mid infrared and a third full infrared.

Full Spectrum Heating Technology

Although the Full spectrum heating is only available as standard on the sanctuary and sanctuary outdoor models, it can be added as an extra on the essential and premier models.


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